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Atlas of the pteridophytes of Luxembourg [lu]
Ferns in Britain and Ireland / Roger Golding [uk]
Skye Ferns / Mike Taylor, Isle of Skye, Highland [uk]
Fougères du Vercors [fr]
Ferns from Florida, New Jersey, New York, and New England / Mike Rosenthal [us]
Ferns and Fern Allies of the Northwoods [us]

Common Ferns and Fern-Ally species / Northwestern Ontario Forest [ca]
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Ferns of the Canberra Region [au]

Rainforest Ferns, Chambers Wildlife Rainforest Lodges, Atherton [au]
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Varens, Nederlands [us]
The fern genus Polystichum
Koos Roux [za]
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Ferns, Engels [us]